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Dental Implant Pelham NH | Dental implants are the ideal solution for teeth replacement. They are artificial titanium tooth roots that are inserted into the jaw bone. This method helps preserve the jaw bone while replacing the tooth. Missing teeth can cause the jaw bone to deteriorate overtime due to the absent tooth root. Patients who have postponed replacing missing teeth may notice sunken cheeks and a change in the facial structure.

Patients have been choosing dental implants for more than 30 years due to the overall quality. This procedure is safe with outstanding results for teeth replacement. Dental implants can last up to 25 years with proper care. Consult with us to learn more about dental implants.

dental implant Pelham NH teeth replacement

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium. It is inserted into the jawbone. Once healed, an abutment is attached to receive a custom-made dental crown. This final step completes the dental restoration process.

Please note that your dental implant will need 4 to 6 months to fully heal. Healing consists of the implant successfully anchoring into the jaw bone.

How do I care for my new dental implant?

Dental implants need regular dental hygiene maintenance. Be sure to brush twice a day and floss daily. Maintaining good dental care prevents periodontal disease which can lead to dental implant failure, or peri-implantitis. Also, visit us for your regular dental exams and cleanings to maintain your new smile.

Is the procedure painful?

A dental implant procedure is not painful. We use a local anesthetic to numb the area during the procedure. Afterwards, you may feel some discomfort. We recommend taking over-the-counter pain relief medication.

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