Dentures Pelham NH

Dentures are removable mouth appliances. They are ideal for patients that are missing all or some teeth. We encourage patients to consult with us about teeth replacement options. Replacing missing teeth as soon as possible improves oral health and the overall mouth function. Patients will be able to chew better and speak clearer with dental restoration. Learn more below.

What are the different types of dentures?

Complete: Completes are considered when all teeth are missing.

Partials: Partials benefit patients who have lost some teeth.

Whether complete or partial, patients can also choose from the following types of dentures.


Some patients will need teeth removal before getting dentures. If so, the teeth will be removed and once the gums heal, mouth impressions are taken. This allows the dental laboratory to create the best fit.


Patients have the convenience of receiving dentures the same day as their teeth removal visit. However, they will need to return a few weeks later to readjust the them for a better fit.


Overdentures are attached to existing teeth or implants. This allows for a better fit and stability.

How do I care for my new teeth?

Your new set of teeth are fragile and need to be handled with care. Place them in clean water when not in use. This keeps the them from warping. Also, brush your them and mouth at least twice a day. Doing so protects you from bacterial growth, bad breath, and mouth sores. If you notice loose dentures or discomfort, contact us right away.

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Missing teeth can cause additional dental concerns. Avoid them today by restoring your smile. Schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist to learn about your options. We will examine your mouth to determine the best teeth replacement option and explain the procedure. Speak with our team by calling (603) 635-2146 today.